Sunday: Four month round-up [August 19-September 18]


4 months! This month is the first time I’ve been really nostalgic about you growing up. When I see pictures of little newborn babies, I can’t help but notice how different you are from them. This month especially, it feels like you grown leaps and bounds!

Hands, hands, hands. This month has been all about learning to control your hands. At the beginning of the month you started chewing on your hands and fingers constantly, and then you started stretching your hands out towards objects. You looked like a little Jedi trying to use the force- using such concentration as you reached out with shaky little hands. But now at the end of the month you can confidently reach and grab things. You pretty much grab anything that comes close to you…and then you have this automatic reflex to try and put in your mouth.

You’ve also become a little daddy’s girl. Last month you would turn your head and look for me anytime you heard my voice (if someone else was holding you), and it made me feel pretty special. But this month was all about the daddy. I swear you have a special little smile you get whenever he walks in the room. You could have the most grumpy day, but as soon as daddy gets home from work you are all smiles and giggles for him. It’s so freaking adorable (but frustrating-c’mon I deserve those smiles too!).


^^This is officially one of my most favourite pictures in the world.

You’ve just started to giggle, and one of the only ways to guarantee getting giggles from you is this really silly (honestly kinda scary) voice that daddy does. So it’s become our bedtime ritual to have daddy play peek-a-boo with you to get you laughing while mommy gets you ready for bed.


We’ve also started supplementing you with formula. This was a hard/emotional decision for mommy…but since we’ve started you are SO much happier and content (unfortunately now you throw-up once in a while ^^). Also you are become a little chunk! You’ve got the perfect buddha belly, leg and elbow rolls, and cabbage patch doll cheeks galore! You’re turning into a rolly polly baby and I LOVE it.


You’re also becoming a lot more content to just play. We can put you in the jolly jumper ^^ which you haven’t quite figured out (you kinda bounce on accident and love it when it happens), or your swing and you’ll stay content for like 10 whole minutes. My whole world has changed haha (I never knew I could accomplish so much in 10 minutes).


^^Mommy and daddy’s desperate attempt to get you to entertain yourself so we could sleep a few more minutes Saturday morning haha

Since you’re reaching and chewing on things you can kinda play by yourself, but not for long. You love interacting with people too much. You are a cooing machine and just love to catch people’s eyes and then give them a big soundless, gummy smiles. It melts hearts. You and I spend a lot of time grabbing toys and practicing rolling over (I kinda help you half-way and let you figure it out the rest of the way). You’ve started to show interest in books, you mostly like the bright pictures and the sounds of mommy’s voice. As long as I’m talking and the pictures are colourful enough, you’re happy.


^^ You’ve FINALLY started falling asleep on my shoulder…this is what my snuggly-baby dreams were made of! Often in the afternoons we’ll dance to music as you get sleepy and you’ll just fall asleep on me. It makes my momma heart so stinking happy. Please never stop snuggling me, k thanks.


^^Daddy trying to convince a playful baby it’s nap time


^^Taking you out for lunch. Everywhere I take you people comment on your big blue eyes and your chunky cheeks. Anyone that knows both your dad and I tell me how much you look like your daddy.

^^This particular afternoon we were justing hanging out on the couch, when I looked down at you and you just had the sweetest look on your face, like you were studying my face. Suddenly, you broke into these sweet little smiles. You are so observant, always studying and curious about what’s going on in the world around you. I can’t wait to see how that translates into your personality as you get older. I just love your little spirit so much.


Your auntie Jenna left for university for the first time this month. So she came and stayed with us overnight so she could get in some extra Sunday-snuggles before leaving. You were so sweet and snuggled her all weekend. It’s like you knew she needed enough snuggles to last till Christmas.


Also grandma and grandma Smith bought you a new puppy…that’s stays at their house…that mommy and daddy don’t have to take care of. Just kidding, they bought it for your auntie Kaila, but you and Ollie are going to grow up together, so we had to take a picture of the first time you met!

^^The monthly round of sleeping pictures. I’m learning to be more selective…the cutest thing you’ve started doing is breaking out of your swaddle and sleeping with your hands above your head. It’s so cute (but hard to get a picture of since the room is usually dark lol)


^^Ah, your little profile in this picture kills me, your perfect little nose with your big eyes and long eyelashes. You’re so beautiful and perfect Sunday.

This month you’ve developed and learned so many new things- it’s crazy to think what the next month will bring. My heart aches thinking about you growing, but also I get excited thinking about getting to know you even better and coming to love you even more (as if that’s even possible). Happy 4 months baby girl!


Sunday: Three month round-up [July 19-August 18]

img_5872img_6036Remember how in my last post I *jokingly* said I would post Sunday’s 3-month blog post before her 4-month…well here we are on the night of her 4 month-anniversary, and I figured I might as well write her 3 month post haha. Sorry baby girl, you’re just so needy that it’s hard to find time to blog……so better late then never, and I’ll work on earning that mom-of-the-year award next month😉

This month your dad and I felt like you magically transformed from a newborn into a baby. You stopped feeling quite as fragile and you were making eye contact and smiling like crazy. You were awake more and more during the day and we just loved coming to understand your little personality more and more.

We also loved introducing you to all your new little friends, aka all our friends’ babies. It’s so fun to look at other kids and wonder what you’ll be like in just a few short months. Also, it’s fun to look at you with other babies and wonder if you will grow up to be friends, date,  or even know each other. Mostly, I just like showing you off to everyone I know.


^^ You with my cousin Kevin’s little girl, Gwen. And above, you, Gwen, and our friend’s little girl Mya wearing bonnets that Frances (Mya’s mom) made for you all!


^^Princess Sunday in her throne, content to just be observing the world.

This month we felt like we were finally coming out of our newborn tunnel. We started feeling more confident we could handle your needs in places other than the safety of our home, and started trying little day adventures as a family.


^^Watching a movie in the park. Mom and dad’s first chance to see a movie since you were born. You didn’t fuss the entire movie, you just loved watching all the people and action around you.


^^Our first hike as a family of three. We read about this hike online and it said it was easy, with a rickety bridge near the end. Well we didn’t realize how rickety it was until we got there (you can see it just behind me) and decided we wouldn’t risk crossing with you. As we walked back to the car we discussed how we both had these awful images come into our head of us falling into the creek and you getting hurt; it just reminded me of how much you’ve changed our lives (even in simple ways, like planning our hikes better) and how protective we feel of you.


^^Hiking at Paul Lake (more successful than the last hike). You’re the green bundle attached to daddy.


^^We took you to your first drive-in movie. It was so fun to snuggle as a family in the back of our car. While we kinda missed some key points of plots of both movies due to the fact that you require a lot of care, haha, it was so fun to get out and do things together.


^^ We went and stayed in Vernon for a day with your Smith grandparents, and we took you to one of mommy’s favourite places in the whole world -Kalamalka Lake. Mommy and daddy both got to go out on the boat for a while, while Grandma Smith snuggled you on the beach. But the best part of the day was introducing you to the lake, and you even liked it (or at least didn’t cry). You are definitely a lake-girl in training!


^^Supporting Uncle Blaine at Hot Night in the City (a local car show that happens every summer). Notice your face in this pictures…you little tongue kills me every time.


I tried to take you outside as much as possible. You loved sitting outside so much. You are definitely taking after you momma. We’d lay on the grass and soak up summer as much as possible (or until you fussed). I can’t wait for next summer when you’ll be running around and enjoying the good weather.


Seriously you’re little personality is the best. This particular night we got you all wrapped up and ready for bed, but then you decided to be super smiley and silly. You discovered your tongue and wouldn’t stop sticking it out. These pictures aren’t the best quality, but looking at them just brings me back to the night when your daddy and I cuddled on the couch just laughing and loving our little baby girl. We can’t get enough of your facial expressions.

I also love watching you and your daddy develop a relationship. You love playing airplane with him, and whenever we want to cheer you up/ get some smiles out of you it’s sure to work.


And as your mother, I feel it is my right to take/post as many sleeping pictures of you as I want. You’re just as precious this month when you are sleeping as last month, so I won’t even apologize for filling up my phone of snapshots of your sleepy little face.

You’re growing and changing so much, but also you’re still so little. I love how you still keep your feet curled up most of the time. You’ve ‘accidentally’ rolled over a few times when the weight of your head just pulls you over during tummy time. You’re holding your head up so well and love standing/jumping on our laps. You still aren’t a huge fan of the swing or being put down, but it’s definitely getting better. You only wake up once during the night and once in the early morning. Mommy’s favourite time of the day is in the morning after you feed and we go have family snuggles in mommy and daddy’s bed. Sometimes you fall back asleep and sometimes you’re awake and all smiles.


Taking care of you has been one of the hardest things I’ve learned to do in my life. But with all other hard things in my life I always had lots of questions: is what I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing with my life? Is learning to do this new task (whatever it was) even worth it in the long term? Is the stress worth it? But with you none of those questions exist, I know this is what I’m meant to do and I love being your mom.


Sunday you light up my life baby girl.

Sunday: Two month round-up [June 19-July 18]

IMG_5730IMG_5732Since Sunday officially turned 3 months old this week…I guess I should catch up and review her 2nd month of life haha. I swear the days feel like a month, but then the months just keep flying by….so I’ll write this blog post and hopefully get around to her 3-month round-up soon, you know, preferably before she hits the 4-month mile marker!

Sunday, your second month of life was spent in a car seat! We had so many exciting family things going on, that packing, traveling, and unpacking pretty much became the rhythm of our life for a little while. A few days after you turned one-month old, we took on your first international trip…to Seattle WA for your auntie Shannon’s wedding!

IMG_3099IMG_3101Your auntie Shannon and uncle Tyler put of their wedding just so you could be there (and so mommy was able to travel without the risk of going into labor far from home haha), so needless to say they were so ready to finally be married! And bonus for me, I got to show you off to your great-grandparents and extended family members in the States you wouldn’t get to see otherwise.

^^You with your aunties Jenna and Kaila, they stole you from everyone even though you live close to them😉 Needless to say your family is pretty obsessed with you

^^ With your Grandma Smith, and a 4-generation picture with your Great-grandma Beard, Grandma Smith, Mom, and you!

IMG_3121.JPGAaaaaaaaand our first family selfie! You look so excited about it…haha. But overall you did so good on your first trip. You slept most of the way, and while mommy and daddy were in the temple for the sealing, you were in a good mood for aunties while they watched you. This was a tiny miracle because at this age your still struggling with the whole being awake AND being in a good mood at the same time thing.

The week after the wedding, you and I went to Vernon for a couple of days to see your Auntie Jenna graduate from high school. You were her date, and if I do say so myself, you were the cutest grad date of them all! You sat through the longest- graduation ceremony ever….ok it probably wasn’t that bad but being a newborn it was a little bit of a struggle for you, but you did pretty good and we wouldn’t have traded being there to see your auntie walk across the stage!

We spent Canada Day with the Sherwood clan. We had fun showing you off to your daddy’s auntie Jen and uncle Bob. Also, I bought you this very patriotic onsie…of which you peed all over during  a diaper change after wearing it for only about 5 minutes. SOOO naturally, I made daddy take some pictures with you all dressed patriotic before changing you into dry clothes. Sorry baby girl…. your mama is silly about holidays sometimes.

That same weekend mommy and daddy drove you back to Vernon for your very first beach day! We pretty much just snuggled you in the shade, but it was fun to try out your its-bitsy swimsuit. We also said goodbye to the house mommy grew up in- as your Grandma and Grandpa Smith moved that week! It was emotional for mommy, but also exciting as they moved in the perfect grandparent house that they are so excited to make perfect for entertaining you (and future cousins/siblings).

That Sunday, on July 3rd, you were blessed at church. Your grandparents, and your Beard great-grandparents, and your aunts and uncle Blaine were all there to watch (and mostly just ooh and ahh at how cute you were). Mommy had fun showing you off wearing her blessing dress from when she was a baby.

The rest of your month was spent either at the cabin with the Smith or Sherwood clan. Mommy was kept busy unpacking and packing us up, as daddy was stuck in Kamloops finishing up his last class EVER of university. But amidst all the travel, mommy and daddy also just really enjoyed YOU. You were becoming more and more of a little person, with SO.MANY.EXPRESSIONS.

I don’t know if you noticed…but you kinda have this habit of just looking at the world through big, wide eyes. I’m not sure if it’s just because your still in shock from entering the world, or because that’s just the look kids give their parents when they’re acting crazy (we’re a little sleep deprived…give us a break)…but it’s so stinking cute. My other favourite expression you gave us lots this month, was SMILES!!!


^^Our first picture ever of that perfect, gummy smile (captured by daddy)

And of course we have about 1,000,000,000 pictures of you sleeping…which maybe only mommy will enjoy looking at, but I just never get tired of your perfect little angel face.

IMG_3122IMG_5663IMG_5670IMG_5678Ahhhh sooooo peaceful. Although to be honest, you haven’t really figured out the sleeping thing yet. Especially during the day, you’ll only nap when being held or driving in the car. I’m kinda hoping you grow out of that/ hoping you never grow out of it because I love holding you. You are still such a new little person at this point. You’re movements are still pretty jerky and uncontrolled, you focus on our faces, but also go crosseyed a lot. You still curl up in a little ball, and your ears are even still a little folded from birth. We love holding you and snuggling you, but also love watching you grow and change and discover the world.


^^introducing you to the world of pillow forts and family snuggles

^^trying to train you to sit on  your own

IMG_5629^^multi-tasking baby entertaining and chores

You’ve become our little buddy that we love doing things with. Our lives have definitely changed… you’ve changed the way we do everything. Getting out the door takes more time, life in general isn’t as spontaneous, but it’s so much more full and beautiful. We love you Sunday Sherwood, happy 2 months!